About us "Daco Universe"

DACO was founded in 2000. It was established as a business enterprise with the aim of Global Industrial Engineering, whose technical services can assist social development, bringing knowledge and solutions in the field of technology to all existing and emerging industrial sectors, basing our professional and personal relationships with our clients and our society on values such as responsibility, honesty, trust and commitment

In order to maintain these values, DACO established itself on a completely independent basis, a characteristic that we feel is necessary to ensure that all companies in need of our services have the guarantee that our professionals, free from pressures caused by outside interests, can provide them with the most effective services requested under the conditions most advantageous to them.

Our experienced team of staff are mostly highly qualified, with degrees in the different technical areas, enabling us to undertake innovative and highly complex projects with a significant added value.

Mission, Vision and Values "Vital Feeling"


DACO has adopted the mission to assist clients in achieving their objectives in technology terms, making our knowledge and experience in the field of Industrial Engineering available to them, working alongside them in their innovation and development processes, becoming a lifelong companion for all companies that make up the different industrial and technological sectors.


"An Engineering with a future brings us a future with guarantees"

At DACO we work day after day to acquire knowledge and experience in all areas of technology because a high-tech society such as ours demands it.

The development of knowledge together with essential experience gives us a high added value that is continuously used by our clients during our lifelong support. The multi-disciplinary technological challenges that we undertake continuously with our clients show us what the future challenges may be like and only constant efforts over the years enable us to achieve the levels of efficiency that we are offering in the field of innovation and development.


Responsibility, honesty, trust and ethical behaviour are the values associated with the whole of the DACO team in all of their professional activities. From the day we were established, we have been recruiting to our engineering people in whom these values are inherent due to the importance and social impact of all the activities we undertake with our clients.

Our corporate history has been characterised by an intense commitment to people’s wellbeing, a commitment that we are trying to extend to our society as a whole, as we have always believed that the technological development associated with advanced societies, if based on human values, must allow us a better personal and family life as well as helping us to build a society that is more integrated and less aggressive towards our planet.

The people "Achievers of Dreams"

The team at DACO consists mainly of graduates who continue to gain further qualifications in the different technical areas. Qualifications that we gain from a planned training process and above all from the experience acquired in all fields of activity.

For the DACO professionals, our main asset, we have created a special environment, as we constantly strive to improve. For each of them we have created an open environment in which they can demonstrate their talent and their personal initiatives, an environment that encourages personal and professional development, helping to achieve both personal objectives and the strategic objectives of the company, in short, a common goal.

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Know How "Ingenuity moves man"

The most important values to be highlighted at DACO are our knowledge and our experience, values that we put into practice with the most advanced technology tools, such as Catia V4, Catia V5, Autocad for integral projects and analysis, Eplan for electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic systems, Robotics for simulations and integrations with robots, Siemens and Omrom for automatons, other software for finite element calculation, etc. Tools that we continue to increase according to the requirements demanded of us both by our clients and by the continuous development of new technologies.

Our strategic principles are:

  • Management of knowledge as a basis for practical and continuous technological development.
  • Collaboration, trust and security for maintaining and developing our clients’ "know-how".
  • Optimisation of costs as a competitive commitment.
  • Agility, flexibility and proximity for the effective undertaking of projects.

Our know how extends over various sectors, including:

Direct relationships and/or through confidentiality agreements with our clients have provided us with valuable knowledge of the internal regulations that apply to their Innovation and Development processes, as well as enabling us to achieve important certifications.

Innovation with Daco Successful Experiences

At DACO, we consider Engineering to be a resource that can improve the world and we strive to make it an accessible and universal asset.

In order to give our clients innovative and effective solutions to their proposals, we are constantly preparing ourselves, always taking into great consideration that the knowledge that they themselves give us, enabling us to work with their “know-how”, is of vital importance to us.

Our vocation towards learning and understanding new technologies has enabled us to obtain good results when it comes to providing effective solutions in different areas of work, such as: improvements in productivity in the automobile and aeronautical industries, participating in the design of aircraft with the most advanced tools, speeding up developments and swiftly industrialising the manufacture of train parts, creating new designs for wind turbines, optimising and giving guarantees of feasibility with studies and structural calculations, entering into the design of biomass plants, fully modernising and conditioning foundries, etc.

We began innovating ourselves. We implemented our own methodology for developing and transferring knowledge among the different departments of the company, by means of which we have ensured that the professional development of every expert is constant, accelerating the assimilation of multi-disciplinary knowledge on the part of all staff.

Continuous improvementConstant progress

Corporate Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility is seen by DACO to be a commitment that is built into our management model. We manage our everyday reality, a reality with people at the helm who use and place our resources at the service of our society with a view to improving our state of wellbeing and progressing in its sustainability.

We constantly work on the concept of corporate excellence, an excellence that places the emphasis on people, their working conditions and the quality of services offered.

To this end, we are committed to being active participants in change management, a management that enables us to combine social development with improving the environment and business competitiveness.

  • At DACO, we believe that we must be a company that inspires confidence.
  • Confidence to generate firm links with our clients and our society.
  • Links that enable us to obtain, over time, their invaluable recognition as a socially responsible company.

Management Policy

The Management of Diseños DACO, S.L. is conscious of, and assumes, the social compromise that carrying out the management of our Multidisciplinary Industrial Engeneering activity represents. An activity whose purpose has always pretended to generate social improvements in all areas, both those referred to people and those referred to the environment, providing advanced technical solutions to the multiple emerging requirements of our clients, a consequence of a constant technological development which we all percieve with increasing intensity everyday.

For this we carry out a management that safeguards, through our Company Policy, the four fundamental pillars of our activities as Industrial Engineering:

Safety and Health / People / Technological Development / Customers

Diseños DACO, S.L. acknowledges that working in the best conditions of Safety and Health is fundamental in order to take care of all its staff, so that, in an area such as Industrial Engineering, where Knowledge Development is absolutely necessary, you can perfect your personal and professional talent, thus achieving the satisfaction of our customers when it comes to providing the technological services they request, with all the guarantees.

Diseños DACO, S.L. understands that it should be considered an organization of reference in the field of Industrial Engineering. That is why it is committed to a management based on business excellence and innovation, based on corporate values that are a social referent, with all processes focused on its commitment to continuous improvement.

To achieve the proposed objectives Diseños DACO, S.L., has developed a management model that brings value to the organization and to society, having decided to act in the following lines:

  • Ensuring that the services provided meet the needs required by our clients, while achieving the expected results in our objectives.
  • Anticipating our development of technological knowledge, to the needs and expectations of customers, establishing for this purpose our annual strategies.
  • Promoting a positive environment for development, training, participation and communication with employees, customers and suppliers.
  • Optimizing the performance of the processes through quality and efficiency.
  • Guaranteeing the confidentiality required by our clients.
  • Ensuring compliance with legal commitments.
  • Collaborating with all necessary social sectors, administrations, companies, universities and training centers, organizations, etc., in order to improve the services provided.
  • Persevering in business excellence to achieve Social Recognition.

Diseños DACO, S.L. will work to ensure that this policy is widespread, understood and accepted by the entire Organization, providing the necessary resources to meet this commitment. Diseños DACO, S.L. thanks all interested parties for their efforts, support and collaboration to carry out this Management Policy that aims to be beneficial to the whole society.