Product Engineering

Our Engineering Department is highly qualified and well-informed of developments in design and calculation, so that innovative ideas in the concept phase are turned into practical solutions for your products and processes.

The experience acquired by our team of experts in such diverse fields of technology provides guarantees to our clients when they request our services to participate in the Design of their product. A design that we carry out according to the Methodologies, Procedures and Technical Specifications provided to us by our clients.

We offer global solutions for Design, Calculation and Analysis, Surface Treatments, etc. for the development of components.

Range of Activity:

  • Product design.
  • Conceptual design, preliminary studies and preliminary projects.
  • Reverse engineering.
  • Design, development and treatment of Surfaces.
  • Finite element calculations and analysis. Our experience enables us to perform analysis of assumed requirements and at the same time being capable of visualising other assumptions that may be vital to the study, producing the appropriate reports on these.
  • Consultancy

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